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Training Video

What is it?

Training videos are tools that are used for efficiencies of information and process at scale. They are the embodiment of your training protocols and best practices that can be used to on board new employees or to explain and teach team members across the globe about the onboarding of a new practice, software, or protocol. Videos for training are vital tools in growing and maintaining a business.

Who is it for

Training videos are for any organization that have processes and methodologies that need implement across the business. Do you have a new piece of equipment you are using? A new software you are using? New protocols for workplace situations? Do you have a white-labled product that you allow clients to use? Training videos are great for all of the above and more .

When to use this video type?

You should use training videos anytime you need to teach your employees or customers about a particular facet of what you are doing or selling. You may have recently purchased a new enterprise software and need to deploy it across your global network or you may have to train new employees about workplace safety or etiquette procedures. Training videos can also be used when you want to create efficiencies in these areas as they allow you to cover much more ground than traditional in-person training.

Why to work with Covalent?


We provide clear and coherent messages that can be digested by any and all team members with a global messaging approach. We want to ensure the clear translation of your ideas every time.


Our videos will aid your team in getting your entire staff and future staff up to the speed you need. We’ll make impactful videos that will help convey the message every time.

Attention to Detail

The thorough training of your employees is essential to your success. We methodically translate your methodologies, procedures, and ideas to ensure success.

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